The iPhone SE 3 will keep its design, but it will incorporate 5G and the Apple A15 SoC, among other things.

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The iPhone SE 3 will keep its design, but it will incorporate 5G and the Apple A15 SoC, among other things.

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The third version of Apple's most affordable smartphone, the iPhone SE 3, will be introduced in spring 2022, according to the Japanese Apple blog Makotara. The blog also highlights some of the phone's most significant aspects, such as how the look and size of the device remain unchanged while internal hardware modifications are performed.
Apple unveiled the iPhone 13 earlier this week, with the Pro Max model acting as the generation's highest-end representation. However, all signs are that it will re-establish a line of terminals that was important in 2020 to avoid a sales decrease at a time when the industry's pricing had reached a critical point. When the iPhone SE 2020 and its $ 399 price tag were first released, they garnered a lot of great response.
The iPhone SE 3 has only received internal updates (see below).
This terminal has a significant number of followers overall, in addition to a large number of followers for its pricing. It is easy to operate with one hand, with a screen less than 5 inches in size and a small LCD display, something that most phones are unable to assert since the rise of the medium-sized smartphone. None of this, according to Makotara, will change, and Apple will keep its general design and chassis built of metal and glass, as well as its 4.7-inch LCD screen, huge bezels, and physical home button with Touch ID on the front of its handsets.

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According to reports, the terminal will have significant changes in its interior from the hand of the SoC Apple A15, which will allow you to improve performance and support 5G with Qualcomm's Snapdragon X60, despite the fact that there will be no significant changes to the device's exterior, contrary to what has been rumored. It will have access to the most up-to-date generation of wireless networks as the first smart mobile device in this series.
A perforated design for the front camera is also being discussed, but the major point is that an iPhone 13 will be crammed inside the body of an iPhone 8, as reported by Ming-Chi Kuo, an Apple analyst, and Nikkei Asia.
According to sources, production of the iPhone SE 3 will begin in December for a spring release, most likely in April like the previous models, however the current global chip shortage may force the official launch to be delayed. Manzana's most valuable asset would be the $399 price tag, as well as the software update to iOS 15 that would accompany the price hike.

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