How to Change the Shot Timing in NBA 2K22

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How to Change the Shot Timing in NBA 2K22

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The shooting mechanics in NBA 2K were drastically altered last year, but it appears that things have been simplified this year. A new shot meter, as well as mechanical improvements, have seemingly washed away a lot of the complaints that were floating around at the beginning of last year. Despite this, it is possible to encounter serious difficulties while shooting, and you can make sinking shots a little easier on yourself by adjusting the Shot Timing settings. Why would this be beneficial? This setting determines how user timing affects shots in the game. What this means is that if you are unable to hit the black line in the shot meter, changing this option will allow you to take shots without having to worry about the shot meter.

So, how do you make changes to the Shot Timing settings? Let's go over what you need to do.
To make changes to the Shot Timing settings, go to the Features tab on the home screen and select Controller Settings Cheapest NBA 2K22 MT. You will see a plethora of options for shots that you can modify from this point on. To change the Shot Timing settings, use the left stick to scroll down until you reach the option for it, and then choose the setting you want to use.

Shot Timing can be set to one of four options: Shots and Layups, Shots only, Layups only, or Real Player %. Our recommendation is to select one that is appropriate for your level of play. If you are comfortable shooting shots and layups with a fixed meter, the Shots and Layups option is for you. Having difficulties with both? Try out the Real Player % option and you'll be able to completely forget about the meter.

We do recommend that you set this to either Shots Only or Shots and Layups, simply because you can more precisely make shots by getting greens. Otherwise, you will be at the mercy of the player that you are currently using NBA 2K22 MT Xbox Series. After all, not every player in NBA 2K is a Stephen Curry or a Klay Thompson. This will take some time and practice, but it will be well worth it in the long run because you will have more control over your shot-making abilities. However, if you need to start from the beginning, there is a way to play without having to worry about Shot Timing.

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